Young Reader's Book Exchange Program

We are excited to announce the opening of our kids' mini library at Vidhya Sadhan, Valasaravakkam. It is free for all kids < 10 yrs age. We understand the importance of instilling a love for reading in our children from a young age (upto 10 years age). We believe that our mini library will provide a fun and engaging space for our kids to explore new worlds through story books.

Your child can utilize the books in following ways:

* Read the books at our centre and place it back before going home (same day).

* Give one story book to our centre and take home a book in return. If the book is taken home, please return it by 15 days. (Book Exchange Program)

We do not charge the kids for this initiative. You may consider donating unused books as well (kids < 10 yrs). We would like to invite you and your child to join us for this initiative and get benefitted through this story book reader program.

Happy Reading!